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Here we regularly present you cobot solutions that we have planned and implemented for our customers.

Quality control

Current situation: The customer has a quality assurance workstation. The parts manufactured there are placed on a test device by an employee and then sorted accordingly. This work is to be taken over by a cobot in the future.


Briefing: The manufactured parts lie individually on a conveyor belt. The cobot picks up a part and places it in a test device. The test process is started. The cobot then removes the part and sorts it: good parts land on the OK slide, bad ones on the NOK slide.


  • Close coordination with customers in the development process

  • No downtime due to ailments

  • 3-shift operation possible

  • Productivity can be increased

  • Modern workplace - Industry 4.0

  •  $0.00 up front investment

  • Only the productive hours are billed

FULLY automated Filling system

Actual situation:  At two workstations, empty containers are placed on a conveyor belt and full containers or those filled to form larger packaging units are placed on a pallet. This activity is very monotonous and also ergonomically disadvantageous. There is a high fluctuation in this area of work, which means that new employees have to be trained over and over again.

Briefing: In the future, this activity is to be taken over by a cobot. In addition to transporting the containers onto the conveyor belt and from there onto the pallets, the cobot must be able to handle various setting patterns according to customer requirements and be able to handle different sizes of pallets.


  • 3 shifts possible

  • 5-year frozen hourly wage with no increase

  • 360 ° solution included

  • Productivity increased

  • Process stability increased

  • 15% cost savings compared to a temporary worker

  •  $0.00 up front investment

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